Derek’s Prog Rock legacy – 1986-1991

Music from the “First Aid” catalog

This is a look back back in to retro 1980’s-90’s Prog, when Derek Mason was a member of the Vancouver-based progressive rock band, First Aid. You can hear his guitar work and some of his co-creative ideas in this instrumental music. It’s notable that the composition credits were always shared the band, which is cool. This video archive is a somewhat important look back, as there’s some serious playing here along with the fun.

Lost Word 

Outstanding instrumental rock by First Aid, from their 1991 album “Stumbling Boldly Forward” –  Featuring Derek Mason on guitar, Scott Jacks on keyboard and Dave Coupland on drums, this song was based on a guitar riff that Derek conceived for collaboration by the band. Scott, Derek and Dave comprised the 1986 -1991 trio of First Aid. The video provides some views of the credits and graphics in the album’s liner notes:


This progressive track, aptly entitled “15/16”, is from First Aid’s 1991 album “Stumbling Boldly Forward”.
Music and album graphics in this video are Copyright © First Aid Music Inc., BC Canada
Full music production credits are shown in the video. Band credits: • Keyboard – Scott Jacks • Guitar – Derek Mason • Drums – Dave Coupland
This is one of five First Aid videos commissioned by Scott Jacks in memory of guitarist Derek Mason, who passed away in February 2015:


From the 1991 First Aid album, Stumbling Boldly Forward, published by First Aid Records Inc., Vancouver, BC Canada
Music Copyright © First Aid Records Inc.
Band lineup:
Scott Jacks – Keyboards
Derek Mason – Guitar & Sequencing
Dave Coupland – Percussion

Full production credits for the album are shown in the liner notes and the CD rear cover, in the video:

Hockey Night in Tarkus 

First Aid covered Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Tarkus with a cleverly wry Canadian twist. Recorded live off the floor at Ocean Sound, this is from the 1991 Album, Stumbling Boldly Forward. Music composed by Emerson/Morris.

Scott Jacks – Keyboards
Dave Coupland – Drums
Derek Mason – Guitar

Music and original liner note images are Copyright © First Aid Music Inc., BC Canada.
Included in this video are full credits and some fascinating Vancouver rock history as archived in the May 22-29, 1991 volume of The Georgia Straight.

City Lights 

This is track 5 from the First Aid band’s “Coelacanth Ale” CD. Bed tracks were laid down at Fiasco Studios in late 1987, and the focal melody lines & lyrics were created in summer ’88. Derek Mason’s iconic guitar hook at a band rehearsal one day was the impetus for this great collaboration. The song features one of First Aid’s more rare quartet collaborations with vocals and bass. The singer is Tom Christiansen.

Music © First Aid Records Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Core Band Credits:

Derek Mason ~ guitar
Scott Jacks ~ keyboards
Dave Coupland ~ drums

Video composition and editing – Anthea Mason Media Services
City lights photography scenes – © Anthea Mason

Video Creation credits for these YouTube features: Compiled, encoded and uploaded by Anthea Mason (AltMusic video creator) who also provided some additional original photographs, photo-editing and digitial restoration of the original album liner note graphics.

The Videos on this page were created and published in loving memory of Derek Mason ~ Nov. 19, 1955 – Feb.15, 2015.

Executive Producer – Scott Jacks

The combined YouTube playlist of the five videos is below.

Rest in Peace, Derek Mason