Vancouver guitarist – multi-instrumentalist Derek Mason lived and breathed music. This website is maintained by his estate to share some of the highlights of Derek’s work as a music producer, composer and arranger. We start here with a short feature from his many original compositions, spanning different genres. Browse this site fully to listen to several playlists of Derek’s productions for emerging artists, as well as his Jazz, blues, progressive rock and Dramatic compositions.  Visit the blog to learn more about the music legacy of Derek J. Mason.



Derek Mason first became renowned as progressive rock guitarist, and then earned recognition as an accomplished musician in many genres. His music career spanned the mid 1980’s through to December 2014. Derek started performing in Vancouver and throughout BC with the prog-rock band First Aid, and subsequently recorded and produced with them and with other bands. In his last twelve years, Derek evolved into a creative music producer of his own original works and of emerging Canadian singer-songwriters. He also played solo nylon string classical-jazz guitar on international cruise ship lines. Through hard times, perseverance and dedication, he became a world class multi-genre musician.

Derek Mason’s natural gifts for improvisation and edgy artistry were notable in his live performances and are apparent in his music productions, some of them which we share here.

Derek J.F. Mason passed away in February 2015, and is is deeply missed by his wife, Anthea, and all his family, friends and music associates. We will always feel Derek’s personal and musical presence, and affirm he is alive an with us in spirit.

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Photo - music producer Derek Mason smiling in his Beach Avenue studio December 11, 2014

Derek Mason in his Beach Avenue Vancouver BC studio, December 11, 2014

Image - Derek Mason recording the viola performances of Thomas Beckman for the "Colours of Edziza"film, Oct. 2014

Derek recording Thomas Beckman’s viola performances for “Colours of Edziza” soundtrack