Derek Mason, music producer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, 1955-2015

Derek Mason left a significant creative legacy of his instrumentally powerful and unique music productions. We feature here a few of Derek’s later jazz, blues and dramatic music instrumental compositions. In this playlist, we’ve also included two songs from his March 2014 vocal music productions of other songwriters’ material, due to the enormous instrumental value of those recordings as blues and jazz renditions: They are the sole two recordings of the Mason Buchanan Trio.* (*Vocals – Anthea Mason; Piano – Brian Buchanan; All other instruments: Derek Mason)

Listen with high fidelity audio whenever possible, to fully appreciate Derek Mason’s love for quality.


Photo - music producer Derek Mason smiling in his Beach Avenue studio December 11, 2014

Derek Mason smiling in his Beach Avenue studio, December 11, 2014

Next upA few of the songs Derek Mason produced for emerging artists, featuring Derek’s instruments and production … (Scroll down on your phone / tablet or go to the Song Productions playlist at right on computers)