Featured Image from Derek Mason memorial music video post

Lord of All – Contemplative classical guitar piece by Derek Mason

This short musical passage composed, performed and produced by Derek Mason, speaks volumes about the spiritual quest of the human spirit for the meaning of life. Derek created this “Lord of All” piece in 2002 and released in it 2002 and 2003. He played it on the same classical guitar he used for his solo guitar work on cruise ships in the next 3 years. This music has since become more than a contemplative guitar piece. It is now a fitting expression of Derek’s desire to connect with the Lord of The Universe.

I first published this music video on February 14, 2016, on the eve of the one year anniversary of the passing of my husband Derek Mason.

In this memorial, I want to honour you, Derek, in many ways, and especially in this: that you loved God above all. I wouldn’t have it any other way, although I miss you terribly. What is saving me from terrible dispair is the vision of eternity we shared together. We still share in that vision through Agape, which preserves the love between the two of us as eternal and sacred.

I always remember you saying, many times, especially in your last 18 months on Terra Firma, “I want to go to heaven”  You said it passionately, sometimes with a faint sparkle of tears in your eyes. Many people didn’t know that about you, Derek, that you grew to love God, the Lord of All, first and foremost, and that you kept your spiritual antennae directed to the voice of God, throughout much of your life struggle. I’m sure that is why this piece of music sounds so searching.

~ Anthea Mason

Portait of Derek Mason, Guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Music Producer

“Pilot” – An ambient music piece by Derek Mason

Inspired by his pilot training, passion for aviation and a love of Sci-fi, Derek created this ambient music piece. In retrospect, I realized that the entire production is quite symbolic of Derek’s spiritual nature and his final journey Home.

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Rest in peace, Derek. We miss you, and pray you have flown to the heavens.