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A Recording Studio and Music Production facility based in Vancouver, BC Canada, we are owned and operated by one of Canada's most gifted production musicians and recording engineers, Derek J. Mason, a multi-instrumentalist and artist development specialist. Derek Mason believes that "music should move you", in a wholistic sense. That's why he works hard for his clients to produce dramatic, full-sounding recordings at affordable rates. Derek's clientele includes singer/songwriters, bands, roots and Christian groups, blues, rap, voiceover and spoken word artists, instrumental musicians, other producers and the film / video and gaming sectors.

Our studio uses state-of-the-art SSL and digital recording technologies along with a huge library of virtual instruments, enhanced with over 30 years of pro musicianship and production experience.

Dramatic Music Scoring for Film, Videos, Gaming: Derek Mason's musical intuition and creativity is unleashed through his instrumental skills and vast selection of digital, electric and acoustic instruments. An accomplished music producer in many genres, his eclectic portfolio ranges from definitive guitar sounds to ethereal mixes and dynamic symphonic scores. To hear musical examples of Dramatic Sound Design Compositions and Orchestrations by D.J. Mason, please visit Services at his new website, Drama Music Productions, which also has a blog and company information.

As a Company, DMMP specializes in Artist Development as on of our two main niches. We provide progressive artist development during tracking, editing, mixing and mastering, all to high standards for global release. Onsite session musicianship for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, Orchestrations and backup vocals are always available.

Those who know Derek Mason as a guitarist consider him to be one of the top guitar players in the country. As a soloist and accompanist, he can be heard playing blues, rock, alternative and latin genres on electric or acoustic guitar, and is a heavy groove player on five-string electric bass. supporting the performances of singer / sonqwriters at live venues in Vancouver and Southwestern British Columbia, as well as in artist's recording sessions and at his own studios. Derek's multi-genre guitar skills are complimented by his extensive abilities on keyboards, dramatic orchestrations and overall music production. This makes Derek Mason's music services ideal for any artists seeking to make a great record, or for Film, TV and Video producers. Derek's mission has always been to be a passionate musician, and a skilled recording engineer making great music productions financially possible for others, beyond the artistic limitations that clients' budgets often dictate. Read Derek Mason's bio here.

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